How will I pay for my stay?

There are many options to pay. We accept Medicare, Medicaid, some private insurances and private pay. We will be more than happy to answer your questions and talk with you regarding your specific needs. Contact us.

What if I’m not able to return home?

Your care team will work with you and your family to ensure you are educated regarding options and a safe and well thought out decision is made.

How much therapy will I receive?

If therapy is ordered by your physician, the amount will be determined by each discipline of your therapy team based on your specific needs. Your therapy team understands that needs change throughout the course of a stay and modifies your plan of care as needed to help you achieve your goals efficiently.

Is there therapy on the weekends?

Therapy is available on weekends if you and your therapists determine it is a need.

Do you have private rooms?

We offer some private rooms and they are subject to availability.

Do you have Wi-fi?

Wifi is available, free of charge.

Who does my laundry?

You may choose to have us do your laundry, which is an included service or if you prefer, your family can take it home to launder.